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Educational consulting services can make a difference in the life of your student

We offer educational consulting services to assist families in making decisions about:

  Therapeutic Programs

  Experiential Programs

  Private Boarding or Day Schools

  College Preparation and Planning

Would you benefit from educational consulting services?

Does your child have special educational needs? Learning disabilities?

Is it time to deal with behavior problems? Depression? Autism?

Is substance abuse or addiction hurting your family?

How do you find where to go to college? Finish the admission application process?

How will you maximize your summer break?

For many families EduPlanners educational consulting has been the missing piece since 1982!

The educational consultants at EduPlanners can help parents and children in a variety of situations-- from college applications to appropriate options for addressing substance abuse to schools and programs that enhance learning and social interactions. Through our knowledge of therapeutic day schools, special needs schools, college prep schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities, wilderness or other experiential programs, EduPlanners works to strengthen families. Call on us!



EduPlanners is located in Nashville TN and has over 60 years of educational consulting experience. We help families in Nashville and all over the country as they seek educational advice, therapeutic placements, and college planning. Give us a call or come by our Nashville location to experience the difference we can make in your child's life!